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Dry Guys Foundation
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 Dry Guys Foundation Repair has been serving the residents of New Jersey & Pennsylvania since 1987.
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Building Contractors  *See disclaimer below.
  • Accent Custom Homes, Office: 132 Nautilus Drive, Manahawkin, NJ 08050 Phone:609-597-1333
  • A0K Construction, 6312 Ocean Blvd., Brant Beach. 494·2651
  • A. Richard Aitken,Jr. Builder-Contractor LLC ,  302 Long Beach Blvd., Ship Bottom 494-6020
  • Albanese Builders Servng Ocean County  597-4103
  • Alltown Construction, 400 N Main St., Manahawkin   978-9596
  • Alvaco Stair Builders, Serving LBl and Vincity  494·4992
  • Anderson Building Consultants, Serving So. Ocean County  492-7219
  • Andev Corporatian, 306 Oak Ave., Manahawkin        597·0098
  • Andrew Building Co., Serving LBI and Vicinity  494-4941
  • Angelo's Custom Builders, Inc., Serving So. Ocean County  296·7582
  • Art's Custom Carpentry, Servng So. Ocean County  494-7057
  • Barber Associates, 9 E. 75th St., Harvy Cedars   361-0624
  • Barnegat Light Plumbing and Builders, Inc., 347 W. 8th St., Ship Bottom 494 2270
  • Bayshore Building Company, 800 S!ate Hwy 539, Tuckerton  296-3518
  • Berry Builders, Leitz Blvd., Little Egg Harbor    296·1936
  • Buon Vita Homes. Inc, 829 Radio Rd., Little Egg Harbor   294·2200
  • Butts, Geoge Construction, Manahawkin Area    597·1818
  • Caruso,James Builder, Serving So.Ocean County 296·0823
  • Caruso,Jeff, Builder 113 E. Sail Dr., Tuckerton 296·6513
  • Craftmanship Unlimited Construction, Inc. 382 W 5th St., Ship Bottom  494-1002
  • Cummings, Daniel C., Builder, Inc., 7 Conifer Ct., Tuckerton  296-7932
  • Cummings, William, Custom Builder, Inc.Thomas Ave., Box 92, West Creek  296-7573
  • Cusimano,Joe  Commercial, 120 Mercer Ave., Manahawkin  597·2095
  • Czerwinski, Albert  P,O. BOX 493, Ship Bottom, 2600 N. Bay Ave., Spray Beach 492·5268
  • DFJ & Associates, Inc., Manahawkin Area ... 597-5613
  • Davies, Mark, Builders & Developers, 4306 LBBlvd., Brant Beach  494·9382
  • Davis, Tim General Contracting, Serving LBI Area  597-8954
  • DeDreu, Warren, 220 Nautilus Dr., Manahawkin  597·7902
  • DeGennaro Construction, Manahawkin Area  597-1810
  • Deli Construction, 675 Mill Creek Rd.,   597·7200
  • Demmerle, Rolf W., Demmerle Builders Inc., Serving LBI Area  609-978-1050
  • Dering Homes Inc., 160 Mathistown Rd., Tuckerton  296-7273, Barnegat Area   698-6448
  • ET F Builders & General Contractors, Serving Little Egg Harbor Area   294·1291
  • Eastern Shore Carpentry,  Manahawkin Area  597-8046
  • FCM Builder / Contractor Inc. 609-713-0237
  • FLG Builders, Inc., Nautilus Dr., Manahawkin 978-7733
  • Ted Fluehr, Jr. Custom Builder, ed Fluehr Jr. Inc., 17 So. Long Beach Blvd.
    Surf City, NJ 08008 609-494-4005
  • GEM Marine Construction; 46 Indian Road; Manahawkin, NJ 08050
  • Ghigliotty, Gig R.D  352 Neptune Drive, Stafford Township 698-3109
  • Hall, Dolph E. Builders, Inc., 239 Stafford Forge Road, West Creek, 296-4698
  • Harbortown, Harbortown Blvd.,  Little Egg Harbor  294-2800
  • Hartman & Rieser Assoc.,  2381 W. Bay Ave., 698-2479
  • Heinrichs & Conklin Associates, 24 Homestead Ave., West Creek  296-0108
  • Heritage Builders,  Barnegat Area  698·4887
  • Heritage Construction Enterprises, Inc., 45 Oxycocus Road, Manahawkin, NJ 08050 609-713-6405, 954-479-8402, 954-688-2522 (fax)
  • Innovative Homes,   Manahawkin Area   698-8894
  • JBH Home Improvements 732-736-6936  
  • JDM Andrews, Inc., 697 Mill Creek Road • Suite 8-6,  Manahawkin Ph: 609-978-8855 • Fax: 609-978-033
  • John W. Popovich Builder, Inc. Contractors 90 Morton Dr., Manahawkin  597-3929
  • J.M. Builders,  57 Equinox Rd., Manahawkin .. 698-9890
  • John Earl, Builders, Ship Bottom Area  492-1313
  • Johnson, Eric,  907 West Ave., Serving LBI Area   494-8607
  • KCI - Design/Build/Renovations, registered, licensed and insured  Phone   609-361-4787     
  • Keller, Thomas J. Building Contractors,  LLC, 4 N. Long Beach Blvd, Surf City, NJ   609-494-2215
  • Krueger, Keith R., Ship Bottom Area   494·2484
  • Liberty Custom Builders, Inc.,  Manahawkin Area  597·5645
  • Maxwell, Kenneth B., Inc.
  • Walt McCollum, Inc.Plumbing - Heating - Cooling
    Serving Long Beach Island, Manahawkin, and the surrounding area
  • Naughton Electric, LLC Ship Bottom, NJ  609-868-7750 
  • Perennial Homes, 510 North Bay Ave.,Suite 205 2C, Beach Haven  NJ  609-492-1492
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